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FAQ's About Westside

What is it like?

Expect to feel welcome. We are a growing family from many different backgrounds, but we meet together because we have at least one thing in common: We love Jesus. We sing songs to express how much we love Jesus and we spend time learning more about him so that we can be the best "me" that we can be. We are all imperfect people who serve a perfect God. 

What about my kids?

We love having kids involved with our time of worship. We believe it is important for them to experience it. Following worship, kids are dismissed to Kid's Church downstairs where they can dance, learn, and play so that they can get just as much out of the Sunday experience as you do!

What do I wear?

Come as you are ... If you're a suit or dress wearing person, go for it! If you prefer a hoodie and jeans, you'll fit right in! 

How can I get connected?

There are Connect Cards all over the church. Fill one out and drop it in the offering plate before leaving so that we can connect with you! We have a place for you here at Westside.